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I'm sooo fucked

I have severe chronic pain from a spinal surgery that went wrong and am on pretty heavy duty pain meds and muscle relaxers. I saw my pain management doctor yesterday and dropped off my prescriptions at the drug store pharmacy tonight when I went to work. I picked up my meds on my way home. I was putting my pills into those weekly pill boxes when I realized that there were 20 dilauded pills missing. I checked the lable on the bottle and it said it contained 90 pills, so it wasn't a miss-written, or misunderstood/misread prescription on the pharmacy part. I called the pharmacy to tell them what happened and they were really nice about it and said they would run an inventory check right away to check out my claim. They called a while ago to tell me that their inventory check turned out correct. They said that I should have counted the pills while I was there. I told them I'd picked them up thru the drive thru window since it's the only part of the drugstore open that late and I couldn't have sat in the car at yhe pick up windoe counting the pills while there were several cars behind mr.They said the minute I took the pills away from the pharmacy they were not liable for the amount of pills they gave me. They also acted like I was trying to scam more pills from them. I've been using this pharmacy for over the last ten years mainly because it's the only one open so late and on my way to and from work. Just about everyone in the pharmacy knows me and I've never had a problem with them over anything. I don't know what to do. As it stands now I am going to have slightly over a week without my main pain management medication and can't figure out if there is a way to fix this. If I call my my pain management doctor's office on Monday I doubt they will be sympathetic, helpful or even believe me, even though I've used them as my pharmacy for over 10 hrs and have had nothing like this happen in the past. The pain management contract I signed with them clearly states that there is no situation for loss of medication (except theft documented by a police report) that will result in them writing a new prescription for me. If by some miracle I can get a prescription for the twenty missing/stolen pills, then there is the problem with my insurance company. Because dilauded is a med that people can use to get high, and people doctor shop to get pain meds, I can only get my pain meds filled at the same pharmacy and they are limited to the amount/dosage they can give me in a month (I found this out when I first started pain management and the initial dosage didn't work and had to be increased) The only thing I can think of doing is cutting out one of the three times a day that I take the dilauded to be able to make it thru the month, but if I do that I'm afraid that I'll end up in so much pain I won't be able to work or do much of anything. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?

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