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George Orwell's "1984" and Scieno/Cult Why don't celebs/average people leave . . .

"There’s a different answer for every person involved. But let me take a crack at this. Scieno isn’t just a book, or tape or a single moment in an auditing session. It’s Pandora’s Box, but with none of the negative connotations. I believe every person that “connects” with Scieno believes there is greatness within that box and it could be there’s. Incrementally a Scieno has wins, small segments of their lives that become less weird, less troublesome, less of a continuous upset for them. This sense of relief and the potential that it will continue and grow, is fundamental to why “we willingly” go to get modified. There is no desire to be modified or changed or adjusted in any way. There’s only a desire to stay connected and continue that journey of discovery. But as many of us have discovered, simply having the tech available is no guarantee that it will be delivered with a pure heart. I don’t believe any of us willingly accept abuse. It’s simply a byproduct of our belief system and our desire to see things through to an honest conclusion. It’s the “down” side to wanting Scieno to work like it was intended to and an abiding sense that it still can – some how. The abuse that is documented . . . has absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. This abuse and suppression is to Scientology, what suicide bombers and other forms of violence is to Islam. In the end, it’s crazy people doing crazy things and feeling justified in their actions. They’re not. I worked in the cult for over 35 years and I’m not sure I understand it completely myself. Of course, it’s not CALLED “thought modification.” It’s all in the guise of “helping” you to understand yourself better and be more aware. Just like Scieno policies are said to be there to build a stronger and more coordinated team. What happens is that over time an individual’s ability and even ideas about BEING an individual who has ANY control over their own life is slowly but surely beaten down by disapproval, threats and punishments until the individual has given up to a large degree, and so you simply do what you are told. Until for some . . . a line is crossed and you are hit hard enough or get your reality assaulted enough to wake up and walk out. It’s not like they come to you and say, “we are going to brainwash you now.” There is no short answer, or easy answer. Any more than there is an easy answer to explain why someone would sacrifice themselves to strap on a bomb and blow up a bus in Israel, or “agree” to be burned at the stake because they refused to renounce their faith, or set themselves on fire in the streets of Saigon. Obviously, these are extreme examples. But they serve to illustrate that people will do things that are not self interested and appear completely not understandable to those who are not involved."

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