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Matthews: Obama Has 'Never Done Anything Wrong In His Life, Legally, Ethically, Whatever'

Funny to see how the left and the right can't stand Chris Matthews... The Right's take -- I’ve been trying to ignore the fa-left drivel on MSNBC, but man, they make it hard. Case in point: Chris Matthews said last night that Barack Obama has never done anything wrong in his life. How can I let that go? Matthews has made similar declarations in the past and he’ll undoubtedly make more of them in the future, so last night’s slobberfest wasn’t anything new. But – it was quintessential Tingles. Here ya go – with color commentary thrown in, of course. “Why do they get the idea, if it isn’t ethnic (racist) – and I’ll just leave the possibility that it’s not (sure you will) – why do they just assume evil on the part of Obama?” Correct me if I’m wrong, Tingles, but I don’t recall hearing or seeing any of your conservative counterparts refer to O as “evil.” “I mean he’s raised – his whole life has been crystal clear, and clean as a whistle, and transparent.” Do mean “crystal clear” and “transparent” as in refusing to release his college transcripts and spending in excess of a million dollars to fight the release of his birth certificate? “We know his whole life, through all the great excellent education he’s had. The good pro bono work he’s done throughout his life. He’s never been a money grubber.” Really? How many books has he written so far? “He’s never done anything wrong in his life – legally, ethically, whatever.” You mean except for smoking choom and whatever else he did with the Choom Gang, right? “His family is picture-perfect. The way he’s raised those daughters. Everything is clean as a whistle. And yet, they just refer to him as evil. They just refer to him as a liar.” Again, Tingles, nobody is calling O a liar. It’s the “clean as a whistle” part that “they” dispute. “I’ve just got to believe it’s ethnic (racist) with these people.” I thought you said a minute ago that you were leaving open the possibility that it’s not racist – er “ethnic”, sorry. They’ve just got a problem with this guy being president. (Yes, “they” do – big time.) Is there any other evidence to justify why they keep calling him a bad man? Uh, let’s see: He promised to cut the deficit in half and he’s nearly doubled it; he’s doing his best to recreate America in the socialist model of the failed states of Europe; his non-stop class warfare rhetoric has divided the country – arguably more than it’s been divided at any time since the Civil War; and he has used the IRS and the Department of Justice – among other tools – to harass and intimidate his political opponents. Other than that, I got nothin’. Yep, Tingles; Barack Obama is about as perfect as they come.


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