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I'm sick of Conservatives invoking our "Founding Fathers" to illustrate their points of hatred.

Today I was at Independence Hall (my job puts me in that area pretty much every day), and although I see it and the Liberty Bell all the time, yesterday's historic decision and Chick-Fil-A's Dan Cathy's offensive tweet got me to thinking about those men in those hot summer days of 1776 and 1787. I'm frustrated when people who know nothing about American history use those men to defend their bigotry. The very idea of what happened in those days in Philadelphia before and after the Revolution completely contradict their opinions. I doubt any idiot conservative can name ten Founding Fathers. They also don't seem to understand that our Founding Fathers were pupils of the Age of Enlightenment. Even though some of our most Enlightened Founding Fathers were slave owners. It's a horrible contradiction in terms. Also, our Founding Fathers were fighting against a government that took direct orders from the church. Although religion was a protocol of daily life in 18th century America, our Founding Fathers were mostly deists who had a different definition of religion in their new country. It's no coincidence that the Bill of Rights was ratified in a city that was founded on the principles of religious tolerance in America. William Penn, the founder of the state and city that gave birth to America, was persecuted by the Church of England for being a Quaker. The very idea of a "Christian Nation," as conservatives profess our country should be, would make William Penn and Benjamin Franklin less than thrilled. If Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he'd probably find the concept of gay marriage fascinating and would no doubt be extremely gay friendly. Considering he sired a son from an unknown woman of a whorehouse, he'd have no room to judge. John Adams in particular abhorred slavery and would most likely NOT be anti-gay. If any Conservative bigots who consider themselves Patriots actually visited these historic sights and learned the truth about our Founding Fathers, they'd be devastated to realize how wrong they are. I think our Founding Fathers are better than any organized religion. They were flawed, but they were visionaries and thinkers. Two words that I would not apply to today's flag-waving, tea-partying neocons.

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