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Strange experience

 can't sleep tonight, but that's nothing out of the ordinary for me, happens two or three times a month. I'd been sitting out on the back deck reading on my iPad. There was a bit of a breeze as there is just about every night here. All of a sudden the breeze picked up, turned into wind and seemed to come from every direction. I stood up to look around, my back yard has solar lamps so I could see almost the whole yard and to me, looking at the trees, bushes, flowers and garden it looked like the wind was coming from every direction everything was being blown around in different directions. There was a strange thought that came into my head completely out of nowhere. It was 'If he finds you here he will kill you' almost the same second that thought popped into my head I felt the biggest amount of fear I have ever felt in my entire life. I was actually terrified. I turned to go in the house and there was another thought out of nowhere 'He won't kill you right away and there are things worse than death that he will show you'. I went into the house and double checked that all the windows were closed and locked, I double checked that all the doors were locked and the deadbolts shot too, I even climbed up on my car to pull the cord out of the outlet for the garage door opener (pretty much in the dark, too afraid to turn on the garage light I used the light that spilled out from the open door from the laundry room) I remembered I had cut dowel rods for the downstairs windows a couple years  back and found those and stuck them in all the downstairs windows and the door to the deck. I went upstairs and was still terrified. I was so scared that I couldn't even decide if I was safer with the lights on or off. I decided to leave things the way they normally are, and just sat waiting. It took almost an hour and a half for the fear to go away, and it was a very long hour and a half. Now I'm trying to figure out just what the hell happened that I was so terrified. At the time it happened I absolutely KNEW that if he (whoever 'he' is) found me I would end up dead. I'm not prone to getting spooked, rarely get scared and have never been scared for no reason. I haven't watched anything like scary movies or a serial killer documentary, haven't read a scary book in years, and I know I was absolutely awake when it happened. I also have no f'in idea who 'he' is, or how anyone would have known I was sitting on my deck behind 8ft high fences pretty much in the dark. I had a couple of panic attacks when I was in college years ago and my first thought once i was calmed was that this was one but perhaps a differant type as this felt nothing like they did. Looked up panic attacks, just to be sure, but this didn't feel anything like what was described. Any ideas about what just happened?

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