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Horrible movie trends that are now mostly over

Just as when you're well it's hard to remember how truly awful it was to be sick, so too do we often ignore how some of the worst movie trends of the last twenty years have indeed finally ended for the most part (though a few lingering traces remain). We need to be reminded of how horrible these were as well as why they started in the first place to remember that some of the worst trends of today (like endless remakes of Spider-Man) may finally one day end. (1) FILMS THAT ARE INSPIRED BY "SNL" SKITS. "The Blues Brothers" was the first successful version of this, and after the huge hit that was "Wayne's World" it seemed we would never be done with it. But after "It's Pat" "Stuart saves His family," "A Night at the Roxbury" and "Superstar" are failed, we've fortunately not seen full length films of "Target Lady" or "The Sisters on The Lawrence Welk Shpw." (2) FILMS THAT RE-MAKE CLASSIC NOSTALGIA TV SHOWS. How this tend started in the first place is hard to imagine, but it kept getting kickstarted again with the surprise success of film versions of "The Brady Bunch" and "Charlie's Angels" and (most of all) "Mission: Impossible." But the number of duds in this category--"Car 54, Where Are You," "Leave It to Beaver," "The Mod Squad," "The Flintstones,"--proved that this genre was less welcome than producers supposed. After the huge flop of the film version of "bewitched," most of these TV re-makes seem to be over, except for the films in the "Star Trek" and "Mission Impossible" franchises. (3) SHALLOW AND MATERIALISTIC ROM-COMS ABOUT WEDDINGS. Probably the most hated film trend in the last 20 years were the movies that celebrated a bride's right to have her special perfect day, and that glorified wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, destination weddings, and "retail therapy" montages. The trend may have been started by "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and never seemed it would die after the success of "My Best Friend's Wedding": for a while, these films seemed to be singlehandedly keeping Kate Hudson's career afloat. But after the wretched excesses of "27 Dresses," "Bride Wars" and "The Wedding Date" seemed to glorify materialism and competitiveness rather than satirize them; the genre became finally deconstructed entirely by "Bridesmaids," which suggested film audiences realized the women in these kinds of films were acting like crass idiots.

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