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A friend of mine (an actual friend) just de-friended me because we had an argument on Facebook.

I live on the North Shore of the Boston area, and work in Charlestown. So you can guess the subject matter. Should I email him or just let it go? The exchange follows. [quote]WALL POST (Me): We're definitely hitting an inflection point where people are going to get fed up with an uninterrupted dragnet. How many people know that it's 74 degrees outside right now? Who needs to go to the market? Anyone have shit to do? [quote]HIM: Did you move? I thought you were still up in Swampscott? [quote]ME: I am in Swampscott, Nathan. That's how I know it's 74 degrees outside right now. [quote]HIM: So go out then and do what you need to. Do you go to Boston to grocery shop? [quote]ME: You're clearly missing the point of my post, dear. Thank goodness you're not the one in charge! Meanwhile, someone must get it, as the shelter in-place requirement has been lifted. [quote]HIM: No, I got it "dear" (could you be a little more antagonistic?). The city shuts down for half-assed snow storms, so I think taking a day to have people to stay home when you have people running around, shooting cops and chucking pipe bombs and grenades is prudent. To whine about wanting to go outside to enjoy the weather and to run some errands seems trite at best, or at worst flat out disrespectful to the cop killed and those injured. To say nothing of law enforcement trying to do their job the best they can without dealing with the regular hustle and bustle of the day. [quote]ME: And... I don't agree. I think it's appropriate to establish whatever perimeter is necessary in order maintain security, but that was done overnight and into this afternoon. My point was that we were approaching a threshold where, in my view, it is unacceptable to shut down all the levers of commerce and personal freedom -- asking people to stay indoors, businesses to stay closed -- while the fucking government runs an effective police state, all so they can search for ONE PERSON. Twelve hours? Fine. More than that? Not fine, especially given the fact that, however horrible on a personal level, we're talking about *four* people and a situation that appears to be contained and localized. YOU may trust the government to behave appropriate in these circumstances, but I am much more skeptical. Furthermore, I don't live in Boston proper, but I work every day in Charlestown. Go ahead and consult a map to acquaint yourself with its relative location. But please don't come onto my page with this "you don't live in Boston so what's it to you?" shit again, because you'll be politely asked to go kick rocks in the event that it happens again. xoxo At which point, three other people liked my most recent post. Now it seems that Nathan, my friend, has punched and delete. I think he's being a fucking baby. Should I apologize or just ignore the fact that he de-friended me?

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