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People need to be held accountable for their comments... and Im the person to make sure they are!

This is written by the same guy who designed the tasteful attire at the recent Bradford Shellhammer wedding. And when someone said they didn't like it, he threatened to beat their ass out on the street... "Heres an image of what just went down on my Facebook wall. Im really motivated today because I saw these comments on Rupauls instagram, or twitter, or something (Im honestly confused by twitter. I only use it because of Ru, Im a VISUALS GUY and twitter is NOT ABOUT VISUALS! Its so UGLY to see I actually DONT LIKE SEEING IT, because SEEING IT is what Im doing. Im not READING text, I'm SEEING UGLY LETTERS put together. To me it looks like math.) and some rotten self hating person who will probably be gay in 5 years made these BASIC RACIST COMMENTS and I wanted to BEAT THE BITCH DOWN. I just hate that people can basically send these little HATE BOMBS and not be held accountable. Go ahead and not care, and let it roll off your back, its true WHO CARES and its NONE OF MY BUSINESS TO CARE WHAT THEY THINK... BUT ... FUCK you for TRYING IT WITH ME, the things shouldn't be thrown at me in the first place?! Now usually fb comments are great because they're by your "friends" and well edited so you don't have a random person with nothing in their lives but jealous drive making comments but today I did and as you may know I think people need to start being held accountable for their commentary. If you wouldn't say it to someones face, DONT SAY IT IN "CYBER WORLD". Especially when I can just go on your page and SEE ALL OF YOUR FLAWS?!?!? Most people who do this do it from the shadows of the ROCK THEY LIVE UNDER so you can't go for them. I can't imagine what this person really thought when he made that comment. Did he just not think, perhaps, but I don't believe that, he's not a zombie. Was it a way for him to THINK he would feel better by lessening the pedestal he's obviously put Francois on?? Was it a way for him to get attention from Francois knowing that he would never get positive attention but attention at any cost is still attention.. WHO KNOWS.. and THIS IS THE PROBLEM... These comments get made and you can never know what the CRAZY BULLSHIT IS IN SOMEONES MIND WHO MADE IT so its not only rude, and mean, its FRUSTRATING... I really think anonymous commentary needs to be a practice that is stopped. I don't allow it on anything I put on youtube. I honestly don't care for peoples comments. If they're nice thats AWESOME TO HEAR and Im VERY APPRECIATIVE but to be honest its not worth the risk of shitty ones ruining it for everyone and the SUPER FUCKED part of it is it only makes the person who said it MORE UNHAPPY... Its an all round shitty thing, stop allowing unmonitored comments now! :) When I read the guys comment I didn't think Francois would even see it, let alone comment almost immediately. Im glad I sorta cyber bullied this dude into submission. Its unfortunate that I had to but I actually like sticking up for my friends and going for people who are shady. I also just finished my boxing lessons so Im a little aggro and looking for a fight... and those pills I mentioned earlier sorta push this defensive behavior right along... POSTED BY DAVID MASON AT 3:46 PM"

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