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This is kinda real long so sorry for that My parents been married for almost 25 yrs and they seem to be headed for divorce. I think my dad is going thru some kind of reverse maturity or something? It's all kinda weird and skeevy, but my dad has taken up with a 19 year old stripper. He's also decided that I'm his new BFF or something? He's been dumping way too much information on me about their 'relationship' and all this stuff that going on with him and my mom. He says he met the stripper at a bar and says he fell in love with her instantly. (I kinda don't believe that he met her in a bar cuz he doesn't go to bars so it was probably at the stripper club, but then he never went to those either before. He's always been coming home after work and staying home).From what he's said he's spent close to $50,00.00 on her and her kid since he met her two and half months ago. He's planning on moving out once he can find a place to rent/buy that she likes and having her and her kid move in with him and he's going to take care of them so she can quit stripping. He says he's going to give her a job at his company but she won't take the job till they are living together and she takes a 'break' from working for awhile . Ya right. Before all this my dad was a really normal guy, now it's like he's forgot how to be an adult. He comes over to my house all the time, just about every night after work he's over here with a six pack. He drinks a couple of beers, tells me the latest in his soap opera life, talking to me like I'm one of his friends instead of one of his kids, and then goes home. A couple nights a week he's back over later in the night just hanging out until his GF/stripper gets done working or takes a couple hours off so he can take her out to dinner. I'm not 100% sure but I think he's been in my house when I'm at work, probably bringing her over. I get wanting to be with someone other than the person you're married to, and even seeing someone younger, but I don't understand him 'dating' someone who is younger than even I am (23). One of my cousins even went to school with her. That kind of age difference seems kinda creepy and pedo To me it seems like she is just using him to get as much money and stuff from him as she can before she dumps him for someone closer to her own age, or the next guy who wants to buy her stuff, but he totally doesn't see it. He thinks she really loves him. I guess it's possible that she does love him, but it doesn't seem very probable. My dad's a nice guy and everything but he's not especially great looking or funny or comes across as really smart, even tho he is pretty smart, well before all this he was. The only thing that makes him different than any other guy is that our family has a lot of money. I don't think he's told her how well off my family is, but he's been acting so strange I can't be sure. It's not really about the family's money, like I'm worried he's giving my inheritance to a stripper, cuz he can't, its just that he's being played and doesn't see it. My moms been way better about all this crap than I would think anyone could be. She knows that he's always telling me stuff about what's going on and has been cool about it but I'm worried that it's gonna change how my mom is to me. It hasn't been that long but I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of the shit and being forced on my dads side even tho there really isn't sides to this thing too much yet. My little brother and sister think I'm on my dads side and they're really mad at me, but they are 12 and 17 years old so maybe they aren't smart enough yet to see it all? I don't get how he changed from a smart, kinda boring, dusty 52 year old guy into Captain Save-a-ho. I guess it's good that he's talking to me like an adult but I don't really want to be his best friend either. Sometimes I just want to switch colleges and finish somewhere else but that's too much running away from problems maybe Sorry this is so long but I can't exactly talk to my friends or my family about this

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