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Cointelpro confidential informants.

I have an interest in this subject so I listened to this interview with Robert Merritt. I believe the story I'm about to post, but what enrages me is how this once homosexual man takes his experience, which might even be true, and extrapolates truth for all homosexuals. Anyway, this guy, now 68, gay at the time, was recruited for the US conintelpro operation started in the 1950s. He was a confidential informant (CI), and used (amongst other things) by the government to infiltrate the gay community in order to entrap especially powerful men in order to blackmail, therefore control them. During Watergate, undercover police detective Carl Shoffler was his lover and roommate. The Wilmington Dupont Hotel was one of the places he used to carry out many his missions. I know for a fact that this stuff did and does happen all the time's the oldest trick in the book. That's how Hoover maintained his power, and often times, people in power are intentionally set up for the purposes of compromise. As a Jew, one of his assignments was to be placed in jail next to the famous Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard, a Naval Intelligence officer who was sentenced to life in prison without a trial because he wanted his wife to go free. However, he claims he lived a gay life by choice because of the abuse he experienced as a child. He even had an affair with a Franciscan priest. From his personal experience, he claims that homosexuals are not born, they choose this "disgusting" lifestyle. He know this because that's what happened to him. He married a female when he was 53 and discovered that he was really straight. He claims that homosexuality is purely about is not possible. He thinks it's a disease. Be suspicious of someone you don't know striking up a conversation that asks your sign. Lots of "psychics" "fortune tellers" etc are CIs. Before you even get there, they're sent as much info as the gov has on you. Today, the government uses things like web spoofing triangulation which is the act of secretly tricking your Web browser into talking to a different Web server than you intend. How? By attacking the DNS that maps the URL to a network address, or by modifying a Web page to have a bad URL, or by tricking your browser as it interprets CGI data, JavaScript, etc. After your browser has been fooled, the spoofed Web server can send you fake Web pages or prompt you to provide personal information such as your login ID, password, or even credit card or bank account numbers. If done carefully, you probably will not even notice that you have been duped. Also, anyone can become a target of Cointelpro. Someone in the PTA was targeted because the wife of an government agent didn't like what this PTA member was saying.

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