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Fox News Hates Working Americans – Hopes Working Americans Are Too Stupid To Notice

So, I’m stuck there pedaling and going nowhere; and I start thinking about what the right-wing agenda for America’s workers really is. As best I can tell, it boils down like this: You can’t tax billionaires or millionaires at a higher rate, because that’s communism or socialism, even if you need to raise revenue to honor contracts you made in good faith with local and state employees. A governor has to be thinking of his or her “customers” every day. This is especially true if those “customers” happen to be billionaires and millionaires in position to use existing financial leverage and donate to politicians—which, now that you think about it would be great. After all, corporations are people, too. If powerful business types then hire lobbyists, employ accounting firms to cut their own taxes in every legal (or illegal) way, if they set up secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying taxes—city, state and federal–well, that’s the same free enterprise system that made this nation great. Unions are greedy and members are thugs. If they get what they want they will drive good jobs out of places like Michigan and then where will all our “customers” be? The Koch brothers—to name two of Fox News’ favorite billionaires—are never avaricious and never resort to “machinations.” They donate millions in support of “Right-to-Work” laws only because they care about the freedom of the “customers” of the various states. Okay, maybe not if the “customer” is a union member… …Or a worker who might want to ask for a raise… A governor must always be thinking of cool ways to bring new jobs to his or her state—but he or she need not consider whether or not those jobs pay a decent wage. …and forget health care coverage… If Texas and Louisiana provide huge tax breaks to corporations to relocate—and they do—then governors of those states are “creating jobs,” even if the jobs they “create” formerly existed in Michigan or Wisconsin, where workers formerly had the ability to fight back and try to win good wages and benefits. And now those same jobs are done, at lower pay, with fewer benefits, in states where they can’t; and this is just great. If a company in Texas decides to create jobs in Mexico by closing a plant north of the Rio Grande, or a company in Louisiana shifts production to China, that’s still job creation, is it not? So, why do American workers keep complaining? Didn’t we save them from having to belong to the unions? And didn’t we pass “Right-to-Work” laws too? There you have it, folks. Fox News is the place where, when more and more wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, they want you to think, “Hey, the free enterprise system is working just great. It’s working just fine!


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