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America's Relationship With Israel

First, it must be said, as always, that this is not an issue about Judaism. Those of us who feel that America should sever ties with Israel are not coming from a place of antisemitism. It is not Jewish people who are the problem. Many Jewish people are against what Israel is doing but you will never see this in the mainstream news because that does not fit the discourse that they have pushed. What this is about is anti-Zionism. Some of the most ardent Zionists aren't even Jewish themselves like George W. Bush. He is a born again Christian who believes that the final war on Earth will spark in Jerusalem and his policy as President was whole-heartedly devoted to speeding up that "prophecy". But why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict must resonate with the gay community is because of Israel's policy of "pinkwashing". Israel pushes the idea that because they are more liberal towards gays than the rest of the Arab world, that somehow gives them carte blanche to do what they want to the Palestinians. Well that is just absolute bullshit to me and I don't like being used in that way. The Israeli government is promoting Tel Aviv as some sort of gay mecca. I don't care if it is or isn't when I know that Palestinians, who have lived in that land for 2000 years before the British Empire created Israel, are not allowed on certain areas of the beach in that city. Beaches that was once theirs are no longer permitted to them. They are constantly made to feel less than. They are reminded of this everyday when they go shopping for the day and see that there are stores for Palestinians and stores for Israelis. Apartheid is alive and well and it's in Israel. I do not feel comfortable with my taxpayer dollars being spent to support a country that exists as a brutal Apartheid state. South Africa fell under the weight of its own hatred and a strong disinvestment and sanctions from the international community. Europe is slowly awakening to the fact that something is terribly wrong with the Israeli government and it is becoming apparent that America will stand alone as Israel's only "friend".

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