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Rape Apologists: ‘Those Poor Boys..’ A Girl Was RAPED, What About Her?

CNN was not the only “rape apologist” out there in America. The Raw Story ran a piece called The top 5 rape apologist reactions to the Steubenville rape verdict which also listed a few others: Writer Lee Stranahan on prattled that “the town’s the real victim here“… yeah, the town got raped and publicly shamed. No, Lee takes up the mantle for how the town got battered by media and Anonymous and all sorts of other aggressive activity which somehow, in his book, is way more important than the core issue of young, arrogant, and socially entitled boys behaving like a pack of hyenas at the expense of a drunk young girl. Author/blogger Michael Crooke’s blog, Travesty of justice in Steubenville detailed how the victim “whined” that she was “embarrassed and scared” when, according to Crooke, she damn well needs to “examine her role” in perpetrating her own rape by taking responsibility for her drinking, her sartorial choices and her attending an underage party. BLAME THE VICTIM, screams Crooke. He even ups the ante by positing that “rape doesn’t exist.” Tell that to the 19,000 raped in the military per year, or the victims raped every 6.2 minutes in America. I doubt all of them were wearing “immodest shorts and a tight shirt,” which Crooke apparently feels are just a few of the things that justify rape. The Trolls on Twitter: Not that this should surprise us, as the democracy of social media has unearthed a subset of humanity (and I use that term loosely) who live in the netherworld of hate, vitriol, aggression and ignorance and never fail to spew venom at anyone from actress Anne Hathaway, to rape victim, writer and Hannity guest, Zerlina Maxwell, right up to the young victim of the Steubenville boys. It’s likely the only thing that differentiated her from the all the other young girls in Steubenville that night who probably also wore “immodest shorts,” drank too much liquor, and behaved irresponsibly at a party no adult should have allowed, is that she’s the one who got raped. It’s beyond repulsive that the trolls are now tweeting death threats and calling her a “whore.” America the beautiful. The judge in the case, Judge Thomas Lipps, up there on the bench with all its gravitas and stern role of authority, took the moment, post-verdict, to advise the convicted rapists “to have discussions about how you talk to your friends; how you record things on the social media so prevalent today; and how you conduct yourself when drinking…” It seemed to many, including this writer, that the MAIN issue was left out of that lecture, like “DON’T RAPE PEOPLE.” Instead, he focused on how you use social media and how you conduct yourself while drinking. Dear God, THAT’S the take-away, Judge?? Next time, just say, “DON’T RAPE PEOPLE.” And, of course, CNN. And, in an added dose of “let’s disrespect the victim,” it turns out Fox News did reveal the name of the young girl despite earlier statements to the contrary (it’s standard practice, particularly when rape involve minors, and in compliance with organizations such as the National Alliance To End Sexual Violence, to keep the victim’s name private). There is a video, which you can no doubt find find easily online, but I’m not going to link it here… lines get drawn somewhere.


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