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My surprising morning hookup

So, I stopped at the deli on my way to work in Westchester to get some breakfast. It's a small deli, mostly takeout, but with some counter space in case the patrons want to eat onsite. After waiting for my order to be completed, I heard these three people at the counter chatting while eating. One was an older man, one was a woman. The other person was very handsome guy and very well built. Although he had on a suit, I could make out some nicely defined pecs and arms. Our eyes locked for a moment. As he was taking part in the conversation, his eyes kept glancing my way, and I wasn't too shy to return those glances. As I continued to wait for my order, they got up and left. The hunky guy smiled and nodded at me as they departed, and I smiled back. I watched them all go to separate cars. The old guy and the chick took off, but the hunk stayed put in the porking lot. Very interesting, I thought. I paid the cashier, grabbed my order and headed to the parking lot. The hunk was still sitting in his car, and as luck would have it, my SUV was right next to his. As I got into my car, he rolled down the window and motioned for me to do the same. He initiated a conversation under the guise of asking for directions to the Sprain Parkway. I suspected what he was up to. He then got a little personal, asking if I work around the area, and I said that yes, I do. At this point, I wasn't how to proceed with all of this. I mean, I knew what he was after, but I wasn't sure how to make my move. After all, this wasn't HK. Pulse was racing. I decided to drive to this dead end a block away, totally deserted except for an old antique shop that doesn't open til noon, hoping the hunk will follow me. He did :) We parked our cars side by side and both got out. We both smiled at each other. No words were needed. He was more gorgeous in sunlight, if that was possible. We started to kiss and fondle each other's crotches. His bulge was pretty impressive. I lead him to the backseat of my SUV, and that's when things really heated up. The clothes flew off. His cock was a revelation. A good 9 inches and uber-thick. I went to town on him as he rubbed my cock. At that point I noticed a wedding ring, but I didn't give a shit. Just as we both edged, he pulled my mouth off his cock, pulled a condom from the pocket of his suit jacket, tossed me on my back, pulled my ass in the air, spit in my ass to get me all moist/dewy, slid in his manhood, and tore me to shreds. It was an amazing fuck session, made even hotter by the spontaneity of it. We got dressed and thanked each other for a great time. We didn't even exchange names. That's how it's done, kids.

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