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AFA Director Bryan Fischer Calls Atheists ‘American Taliban’

So, if we want religion – any religion, mind you, not just his – to get out of politics, to not have any influence over laws, that makes us religious fundamentalists? Folks, that right there is some insane troll logic. And using the term “American Taliban” to describe secularists is just crazy. Especially since the actual definition of American Taliban is: “… [v]ocal, well-financed, extreme fundamentalist Christians attempting to legislate the oppression of homosexuals, women and science at the expense of our national schools, national health and U.S. Constitution.” And the Internet world isn’t the only place where that term means something other than what Fischer thinks it means. In 2010, Markos Moutlitsas, the founder of the liberal website Daily Kos, wrote a book about how much the radical right is like the radical Muslim group: “America’s primary international enemy—Islamic radicalism—insists on government by theocracy, curtails civil liberties, embraces torture, represses women, wants to eradicate homosexuals from society, and insists on the use of force over diplomacy. Remind you of a certain American political party?” No, Mr. Fischer, atheists, liberals, secularists, the ACLU… none of us want to replace the laws of the United States with a religious agenda. That’s your gig. We are here to prevent that. We are here to give voice to anyone who doesn’t want to have the Christian Fundamentalists and Dominionists dictate U.S. laws. That paper you pretend to like – the Constitution – is there to back us up. So you can take your self-righteous bullshit and keep it in your churches. It is not the American way to put a religion in charge. Don’t like that? Maybe you should join your brethren in the Middle East because, except for small doctrinal differences, you guys are all the same.


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