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I have a bipolar neighbor in my building who is difficult to live with

Long story short, I have a bipolar neighbor in my apt building who is driving me and the rest of the tenants up the wall. Over the past 3 years, the pattern seems to be that things are quiet for a while and then she goes through screaming and crying spells that are very loud and stressful to hear. Even the tenants in the apt building next to ours have complained and called the police. She told our landlord she is embarrassed and that she is bipolar. She wanted to write a letter to the tenants which she gave to him but at the last minute she told him not to distribute it. She seems either 'on' or 'off'. A few weeks will go by where it's very peaceful and then there are weeks where she is constantly crying, yelling loudly, slamming doors and causing a ruckus. Us tenants come out into the hallways during the really loud episodes that she has and we all stare at each other but we're too afraid to confront her to tell her to shut up. if it gets really bad someone calls the police. Long story short, There are 8 units in my building and I have lived in here for over 10 years. It was a great, peaceful environment. Then this bipolar tenant, a woman who looked to be in her late 20s, moved in a few years ago(fall 09) and it's been disruptive off and on ever since. The police have come out at least every other month, particularly when she gets in knockdown verbal screaming matches with her boyfriend. (He is not a tenant but stays over regularly). They have both been arrested or taken away for 5150/72 hour supervision in a psych ward a few times over the past few years. He scares us more than she does when he goes into rages. A few weeks ago he was screaming at her and tried to break down the front door to our bldg until the police arrested him. Now he's back and I heard them screaming this morning. Our landlord is tearing his hair out. He got an atty and tried to evict her but she fought back and said that under the Fair Housing Act you can't evict someone with a disability (her bipolar condition being a disability). We have had some tenants leave because of her. I don't want to move because the rent is really reasonable in a great neighborhood and it's close to my work. I looked for other options in this neighborhood but couldn't find anything affordable. (My building is cheaper because it's older and seen better days but the location is great). My landlord said if one of us tenants would testify in court against her that's our best chance to evict her. We are all too scared to do it. (Yea, I know) I wrote a letter to my landlord with extensive dates of incidences where the police had to come over but he says it's not enough. He has police records of their visits out here as well but says we need someone to testify to evict her. Again, no one wants to go to court as they are too scared in case we lose. So we are stuck with this woman who yells, slams doors, screams in our common hallway that we are 'bad people' for calling the police, etc. She is also paranoid and says we broke her mailbox (there's nothing wrong with it) and other random things. She has no concept of how her ongoing episodes are ruining the quality of life for people not only in this building but in the one next door as well. We are all waiting for the day when she or her boyfriend end up shooting or beating each other up, their arguments are escalating. I realize this sounds like some bad drama queen journaling but I'm sick of it. She just had another episode this afternoon and the police came out again to investigate. This time she was not taken away but was given another warning. I don't know if she voluntarily goes off her meds or if her meds aren't working but I'm just burnt out on being sucked into the yelling, screaming, etc. Sorry for the long novel. I'm just hoping someone will offer some insight or maybe just tell me to pull up my socks and move. But I don't want to be pushed out of a place I love because of this woman. Are there any attys out there who have insight on how to work around the Fair Housing Act?

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