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What do you think is the meaning of my dream? Have you ever had eerie dreams?

Yesterday night I had the strangest dream ever. I don't know exactly what time period this dream took place, only that it was before the invention of the toilet. Anyway, someone, most likely a loved one tells me to go to the lavatory (a hut-like building in which there is a hole on the ground that is dug really deep to collect feces) because something is happening between them that will destroy the relationship between them. (I don't know who "them" is). So, I go outside, and approach the hut, and I see what appears to be two guys engaging in anal sex. I could only see their butt. Then I noticed something deeply amiss, because a little black creature which looked like a black angry bat started biting the buttock of the bottom, but the bottom guy didn't move. Then the two lovers rolled over and it was then I noticed claw marks on the bottom's right buttock. And it occurred to me then that the bottom is either badly injured, unconscious or dead. At this point, I eerily note that there are blood stains on the bottom guy. And then the two come out of the hut and I was shocked to discover that the top was what looked like a cross between a horse and a human being and it pulled out its gigantic horse cock out of the bottom and was about penetrate the bottom again. The bottom dangled helplessly from the arms of the horse/human creature and the last thing I remember seeing was patches of blood stains on the bottom's socks. I woke up shaken from the dream. What do you think this could mean?

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