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Wild West Rape Fantasy

[italic][If you are offended/grossed out by this sort of thing, don't read][/italic] After a robbery, a gang of outlaws hides out in a cabin. One of the guys is significantly younger than the others. After some time has passed, cabin fever lets tensions rise, and Junior gets into a fight with one of the others. When he throws a punch at him, the older guy turns him over up against a wall and pulls his shirt down around his shoulders, pinning his arms to his sides; then pulls downs his trousers. Looking at the exposed back, he says "I haven't had ass in a while". The boy shouts "No!" in panic, but he just puts a hand over his mouth, spits in the other one to use as lube, and fucks him in the ass. The rest of the gang calmly watches the rape. The boy struggles helplessly thoughout it, but his struggles grow more resigned, and he can't keep the older guy from reaching orgasm in his ass, which he marks by groaning loudly, then saying "Done". Afterward, the leader of the gang aks the rapist: "How was he?" "He was good. Real good." The others chuckle. The quietly sobbing boy pulls his pants back up, but the leader tells him to stop, saying "not so fast". He takes out his gun and orders him to get completely naked. Then he tells him to put his hands down on the table and spread his legs. The boy has to do it, but keeps saying "Please!" and "Please no!". The leader gags him with a bandanna. Then the whole gang passes over him. Between turns, his hole is lubed up with spit again. Some bum him fast and violently, some take their time; some groan, call him names and talk dirty with glee, others just grunt a few times; some tell him to hold still, others order him to move his ass; but they all shoot their load in his ass, one after the other. When they're all done, the leader tells him that since they won't be able to visit a whorehouse for a while, they would use him as a woman for the time being. As they want to keep his hole tight, he won't have to take them all on at once again, but instead he'll spend every night with another member of the gang. This night he would spend in his bed - and he was going to service him the French way this time.

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