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Thanks to me, there's now a woman in Kansas having a terrible day.

Background: I work for an e-com company. We have several sites, some are B2B, some are not. Our customer service manager has been out all this week so me and other managers from different departments have been pitching in to cover her work. For the most part, I've only had to deal with the more complicated issues, such as the call from a woman in Kansas. She came at me with both guns blazing, hollering about a charge from us which she never authorized appearing on her credit card statement. She wanted ALL the money returned before the end of business that day. I told her we could do that but if her credit card was stolen and she reported that, then the card would be canceled and the process of refunding the money is made more complicated, it certainly would not be completed by 5pm. That is when she let on that the charge was actually a result of her 17 year old son using her card without her permission, so no, she had not reported it stolen. That, of course, changes everything. I told her if she wished to send the item back she could and we would issue her a credit on the merchandise only. That was not good enough for her, she wanted ALL the money back NOW and if it didn't happen, she was going to dispute the charge through the credit card company. I let her know that she was free to do that however without the merchandise being returned, we would challenge the charge back and it would be revealed that it was her son who made the charge. But I warned her, "what the bank or the authorities want to do with that information is up to them". She asked what did I mean by authorities and I told her that basically her son had broken the law. He used a credit card he was not authorized to use to purchase something on line. Thats illegal. Also, he bought a product which is illegal for minors to possess (a tobacco product). Now she really started to freak out. She realized initiating a charge back would cause more trouble than she needed, she still would not let go about getting her money back. "I don't think I should be out this money!" I told her I agreed and that if she wanted the money back she could return the merchandise or get the money from her son. Apparently, teaching her son that his actions have consequences is far more than this woman could comprehend and she was now in full rage mode. In her last, desperate attempt, she claimed that since the products we sell are prohibited for minors, and since a minor can very easily order it from us anyway, we failed at our obligation and so, we should refund the money as we did not safe guard the sale was not going to a minor. Reading the name on the order, I asked her who John was. That was her husband she answered, but why did I need to know? "Well, John is the name on the order. We have an age verification system to prevent minors from ordering, but it looks like your son used your husbands identity to get around that. You can now add identity theft to the other crimes your son has committed." After sputtering a little bit, she angrily informed she had to go to work and hung up. So now, some self instilled douche is having a terrible day. She had a complete stranger present her with the evidence that her precious prince of a son is really a no-good scamming bum. She tried to bully me into doing what she wanted and all she got back was my inference that she is a bad parent. Have a nice weekend, bitch.

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