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What to do with my dying father's S&M stuff?

So over the holidays my father started acting even weirder than he used to; we dragged him to a clinic and after lots of red tape and drama and scans and a biopsy it turns out he has a malignant brain tumor and has something between a few weeks and a couple years of life left depending on which kind he has (waiting for final report from pathologist) and whether he decides to pursue treatment that will make him miserable... No matter what, though, he is very impaired cognitively and can't go back to living on his own if he lives to be released from the hospital. Now to the dilemma: a few months back, my brother, who knows my father better than I do, told me that dear old dad was into "some seriously kinky shit." This wasn't a surprise, as he once gave me a DVD he had burned in a case that had a label on the back identifying it as originally coming from a local sex store, and considering the fact that he has a couple of riding crops hanging on his bedroom wall as decoration. But some family members, especially one of my siblings, would be shocked to find this out,so today after leaving him at the hospital I decided to snoop a bit and get rid of any evidence I could find, as a sort of favor. I know I would want a friend to do the same for me if I found myself unexpectedly incapacitated and unable to return home. I found lots of stuff. Yikes. Luckily it's not easy to shock me, but I now have this stuff in the trunk of my car and don't know what to do with it. The clothespins and mousetrap and enema kits I have no trouble throwing in a dumpster, but some of his bondage stuff looks expensive. What should I do with it? Should I tell him I have taken the stuff with the idea it might give him peace of mind, or would the fact that two out of his three children have a good idea of just what his private proclivities are? Undoubtedly I am inviting accusations that I am an EST but alas, I am not. I am a boring but non-judgmental person with a father who didn't get the chance to "get his affairs in order" before getting an unexpected terminal diagnosis. But as a long time DL denizen, if I do get called an EST, I will consider it an honor.

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