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Cursing your child for life

I work in a hospital on the labor, delivery and (cesarian) surgery floor in a large hospital. We've been keeping a list of the awful names that have been inflicted on the babies. The list was started before I started working here about five years ago, and we've tried to keep it to the most egregious of names.  One of the nurses told me that several of the names are from Pokemon, but we never got her to put on the list which ones they were before she moved on. I guess there's a lot of Pokemon fans having babies?  Up until last year we were allowed to try to talk the parents out of bad names but the parents made a huge fuss when a Buddhist nurse told the parents that the name they'd picked for their bundle of joy  (Mara Papyon) (a name they'd heard somewhere and never thought to look up) was the name of a Buddhist demon. He was sent to tempt and torture  Siddharta (the Buddha)  The parents were furious when they were told that the demon Mara (“death” or “thirst”), also known as Papiyan (“more wicked")  attributes include blindness, murkiness, death, and darkness. Sometimes simply called the personification of evil. He was also known as the god of lightning, seduction, temptation, sensuality and death. The list has grown quite a lot since then GIRLS  NAMES Gwentheneria Maebella (does this sound like an STD to anyone else?) Jynx Sabrile Dustiny Thea Spearow Arbo Arkenene Eve Kerien (pronounced carrion) Lily Laeve (middle name is pronounced leave) Marleena Magdalena  Renesemee Mayle Alabama Luella (also the name of some celebrity spawn) Senedra Gleason Monroe  Shyla Sage Paisley Princess (in the mothers defense she was barely 14 when the baby was born) Harmonique Essela Ryala Rosalie and Ryu Skye Sixtine (mother was 16 when she had the baby) Quality Quinn (named after a writer) Hypna Niecee Miake Ence (pronounced Mike-a  En-see) LaCinda Ella (maybe a version of Cinderella?) Shya Vidia Tamanta Beath Luvdis LaTonya Danelle Roobi (pronounced Duh-Nell Ruby) Charla Chelle Rhyma Zoe Mac Michael (pronounced Make Mishal)  (McMichael was the maiden name of the mother's grandmother who, in the week after her husband died, ran off with the guy she'd been having an affair with and left all four of her kids all alone in the house to fend for themselves. She was never heard from again. Can't imagine what that kid is going to think when she learns why she was named after her) We've had at least 7 babies named Khloe Skye since the list was started.  We're also still getting quite a few babies named Lexus and Mercedes. Girls whose mothers were/are strippers, or who are planning on their daughters being strippers   Crymmsyn Essence Stormy Star Asia Sapphire Chyna Raven BOYS NAMES Uno Dex (pronounced You know Dex) Dex is the father's name Marik (named after a character in an anime show/movie)  Espian James  Keklen Karver Metrie Max Erris John Franklin Bransten Raulsten Leonardis Antony  Ebenzer  (no, not Ebenezer) Kanton James and Kaxton John Jamex Leon Roth Torchic Armistan Ryce Parx Gustave Warden Hemp Jackson Monroe  (not a bad name, but the baby was named after Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe who the mother said she had always felt a very deep connection to them. She claimed to be in regular contact with them while in some type of dream state. She also said she prayed to both of them regularly, and that they had sent  She had a psych eval before she was allowed to take her baby home) Darc Montego Courtis Avery Kylem Jaylor and Jaylem Janston  Branly Jentsen Gabriel Gayson Traycan Manly (sounds a bit too close to trashcan) Soju Guinness Raydon Gregorio Kronos Kelsey  Jonan Owyn Alic  Cupertino (pronounced Alex) Payne Dittus

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