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Is Bjork Ever Going To Make A Great Album Again?

Vespertine (don't give me that bs that that was a great album), Medulla, reVolta, and then Biophilia -- will this bitch drop the pretentiousness already?! Her crap sounds like coffee house shit... someone playing the bongos, while she just recites jibberish with no melody. How many albums is she going to work with Mark Bell on? She was so awesome back in the day. When I look back at her first three solo albums (sans that one when she was a little kid), it's insane how the woman who wrote those monstrous classics now writes shit like "Dark Matter." Her diehard fanbase, the one she steals money from by re-releasing the same old shit over and over and over again, hated Biophilia in the beginning, then forced themselves to love it. I see that with a lot of fanbases. I blame her boyfriend (and baby daddy), Matthew Barney. His crap that he tries to pass off as art reminds me very much of the crap Bjork turns out today. "Medulla" should have been Bjork's "experimental" album, and then left it at that. I don't mind an experimental album from time to time, but that's all she does today, and it falls flat. It's all gimmicks like just vocals, or just brass. It harms the songs since she's trying to keep within the gimmick. She's not giving the songs the instrumentation they need to work. She just released "Bastards," the remix album to Biophilia. It actually makes SOME of the songs listenable. A lot of people are saying that. Her work is just in a funk. It's all nature, pagan, brass, M/M artwork, Mark Bell, Sjon, etc. She took Mark Bell's old instrumental, and made "Declare Independence" out of it, the tenth, and last song on "Volta." It's not even original work now. What happened to her music videos? She hardly makes them anymore. Look at the "Earth Intruders" music video. She just inserted her head singing with a cartoon surrounding it. She used to be a music video pioneer. Her music video for "Wanderlust" (2007) was a pile of crap too. The song itself was the poorman's version of one of her earlier pop tunes. That video took almost a year to produce. They even hit Craigslist for volunteers. She got a whole bunch of money a few years ago, along with an award, and she blew all the money making this current album, and paying for tech-heads to create the apps for it. She took 4 years to record Biophilia. Are you a fan of 2000s/early 2010s Bjork? If not, do you think she'll ever get her mojo back? She was pop. Let's cut the crap.

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