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Ten questions about "American Horror Story" season ONE

Yes, I know there's a long thread for the new season of the show, but I just finished watching the first one and I have a few unresolved questions I was hoping you bitches could answer: 1. I know Ryan Murphy et al are on record stating they had a clear vision of the entire season from the beginning, but that doesn't seem to be the case upon viewing. Why on earth did they bother with the "crazy-person guest star of the week" thing (Cam on "Modern Family," Tara's mom on "True Blood," etc.) when it had absolutely nothing to do with the plot and ended after the fourth or fifth episode? What was the point of introducing *another* minor character afflicted with Down's syndrome (as on "Glee"), only to kill her off? 2. Am I the only one who noticed that the show seemed to pivot from the house supposedly driving people to murder to Tate suddenly being responsible for all of it over the past 20 years? 3. Where did the four teen ghosts who showed up on Halloween come from, and where did they go? Are they haunting the high school, since they were killed there? 4. How are we supposed to buy that Ben's fucktoy Hayden did a complete 180-degree turn from rational college girl to psychotic Alex Forrest-wannabe, even WITHOUT any contact with or entrance to the house? 5. Similarly, how are we supposed to buy that Vivien wouldn't notice -- when getting "raped" by Tate -- that Tate weighs a good 30 or 40 pounds less than the husband she's been sleeping with for close to 20 years? 6. Since when do latex-PVC suits designed for submissives have a zipper in *front* allowing them to be the dom? 7. Perhaps a little obvious, but how the fuck does a marginally employed psychiatrist afford a 10,000 sq ft L.A. mansion?? 8. Where the fuck do the ghosts conjure different changes of CLOTHES and makeup?! And how do they gain access to shit like fresh paint, Christmas trees and tea if they can't leave the property's physical premises?? 9.If the dead can't alter or clean up their appearance as they were at the time of murder, including gunshots and shotgun blasts that have removed half their face, then how the fuck did Hayden have a spotless, scarless face after Russell Edgington literally bashed it in??? 10. And finally, HOW THE FUCK do two parents go a month or more without noticing that THEIR DAUGHTER IS DEAD??? The complete lack of eating didn't give her away? The complete lack of bathing? The complete lack of laundry needing to be done? Never leaving the house to even *feign* going to school? All that said, I really enjoyed the season as a whole, and somehow I didn't even see the twist of Violet being dead coming, even though it was stolen directly and unabashedly from "The Sixth Sense."

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