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Sh*t your parents forward to your inbox

Here's where we can aggregate all the crap our parents pass around without checking if it's true. Today's highlight - the always-unnamed friend of a friend who doesn't want to talk politics but writes the world's longest uninformed and racist letter doing do... [quote]Good Morning All, [quote]I am still in shock over the election results . I personally feel it is a death blow for America, the America that we know, that our founding fathers knew. [quote]I will start on a note of HOPE. Two of my grandchildren are of voting age. They did vote and did vote for Romney. They each contacted me yesterday to let me know. I am so proud of them. My son and daughter-in-law did a great job raising responsible Americans. They do NOT expect hand-outs from the government - they just want the opportunity to work , live and play in a safe financially secure world. [quote]Let me keep this short and to the point. BO is NOT MY President. To me he is the lying, arrogant socialist communist Muslim living in the White House. I truly believe he was re-elected because there were too many ill-informed, uninformed or stupid people in this country. Any one who really knows what is happening in this country would never vote for your own destruction. This is BO's plan from the beginning and now he will finish the job. We will be VERY weak militarily, we will be run over by Muslims, the government will be taxing the hell out of you so that BO can support his "friends" failing businesses . Government will be involved in EVERY aspect of your life. I am TRULY fearful for America. [quote]Case in Point: Obamacare - if you think this fiasco is about getting better medical care - you are sadly mistaken. It is anything BUT. We Seniors will be discriminated against because we will not be given certain treatments because our life expectancy is not as great. Employers will not be offering health care because it is too expensive. Doctors will not be practising because of all the cuts in payments. So there will be less doctors to care for many more people. By 2014, you will be taxed to death. [quote]BO is a racist as is his wife. BO is the MOST devisive, derisive President EVER - he promotes Class Warfare, he promotes racism. He has acted as President of the Liberals and Democrats for the last 4 years, not as President of ALL Americans. As he whispered to the Russians "After my election, I will be MUCH more flexible" Watch out!! [quote]BO has NOT met with any members of Congress, his administration in months. He misses most of his daily morning briefings. OR if he does go, he stays for a few minutes. He feels he is MUCH better than the average American. [quote]His appointments to the Supreme Court will also undermine our Constitution. Look at what has been done in the last 4 years - Eric Holder SUES our own state of Ariizona because they dared to follow the Federal laws on Immigration. Unbelievable. And yet they will not go after Terrorists. Case in point - Ft. Hood. The victims' families are OUTRAGED over our government's lack of attention to this matter. WHY was this terrorist even allowed in our military. All along the line everyone knew he was espousing terrorists ideas BUT this country (and sadly military) was too worried about being politically correct to take action against him. [quote]And now the scandalous Benghazi cover - up. Why Romney did not go after BO on this is unbelievable. The 4 people killed were allowed to die by our own government. This was a gun-running scheme gone bad. Ambassador Stevens was running guns through Turkey to Al Qaeda for use in the Syrian uprisings. It went bad. How could own govt. tell our own miliary who could have helped to Stand Down. Of course now, with BO's re-eelection nothing will be done about this cover-up. OMG! It is almost too much to stomach. [quote]Our gas prices has more than doubled, Obama gives drilling permits to foreign countries to drill on American properties and YET, will not let Americans do it.

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