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If America could be split into two separate countries... controlled by liberals, and one controlled by conservatives, I think it's interesting to imagine what those two countries would be like. Liberal U.S - We'd have national health care, and a much smaller military with essentially no overseas presence and thus a much smaller military budget. We'd have a strong social safety net, and our costs for police and prisons would be much lower as well, because some degree of de-criminalization of drug use would occur. Pot legalized. Emphasis on treatment programs as opposed to jail for people found guilty of possession of certain drugs. Gay marriage legal, gay rights, racial and gender equality. Strict gun control. Free education through college. Much higher taxes on upper income earners and thus less social stratification between rich and poor. Probably higher taxes for all to some degree. Instead of giving money to oil companies, massive investment toward promoting alternative energy resources, electric vehicles, etc. Conservative U.S. - "Entitlement" programs would be eliminated, which would probably take care of the illegal immigration problem, since desperate mothers would take to the fields picking cotton for dollars a day to keep their kids from starving, putting the Mexicans out of work. Homelessness would sky-rocket, crime rate would sky-rocket, social unrest would sky-rocket as a result of the loss of the "safety net". Massive military budget, and no gun laws, but then we would need a strong military to deal with social unrest and a personal home arsenal to protect our property from the have-nots. Most environmental and safety regulations abolished, with expected consequences. On a positive note, when the Cuyahoga River catches fire again, it'll make for great tv on FoxNews. Homosexual acts deemed illegal, all affirmative action programs eliminated and initiatives to promote gender equality - like Title IX - abolished - which would mean most women's college sports would be eliminated. Abortions rendered illegal. This - in combination with the elimination of welfare - should allow us a return to the good old days when dirt-poor parents would drop off their kids at orphanages because they could no longer support them. Again, the good news here is that Hollywood celebrities will no longer have to go overseas to adopt a waif. Seriously, if this were to happen, what would these countries be like, and in which one would you prefer to live?

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