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Using Adderall (amphetamine) as a diet drug

Yes, I understand that I'm posting what may turn out to be flame bait, though that's NOT my intent, but I'm curious if anyone else has ever used Adderall, which is basically pure amphetamine, as a diet drug; specifically, as an appetite suppressant. I got the idea from my mom after we were talking about the episode from this season's "Mad Men" where Fat Betty goes in to see her doctor about diet aids, and Mom admitted she and most of her sorority girl friends took Dexedrine back in the '60s to keep their slender figures. Like many people, I've tried diets for years, but inevitably my willpower is overcome by my lust for carbs -- even AFTER I've done diets that are supposed to ween you from such cravings, such as Atkins. Anyway, a friend of mine is in med school and told me the only way she manages her residency hours is via taking Adderall, and she explained how easy it is to get a prescription (basically, all you have to do is fake a case of ADHD). I did so and have been on it for two weeks now, and it's working like a fucking charm!! My first week I lost nine pounds, though I understand that was mostly water weight, and the second week I lost four pounds. I'm exercising regularly, doing moderately intense cardio four times a week, and since I'm not craving Cheetos or Haagen-Dazs, I'm eating the rough equivalent of what you're supposed to consume on the South Beach Diet: lots of protein, complex carbs and good fats. So ... is there anything *wrong* with what I'm doing? I am well-aware that amphetamine can be addictive, albeit nothing like methamphetamine (to which it's only distantly related), and I know millions of young kids take it daily for ADD, as do plenty of adults. My resting heart rate is elevated, yes, and God knows my concentration level is sky-fucking-high (I've gotten more done at work the past two weeks than in the previous two months), but does Adderall present any health risks if taken for a fairly short amount of time. I have another 50 pounds or so to lose, so I'm guessing I'll be on it another three months or so assuming I don't plateau. Btw I'm taking 15 mg twice a day, which is half of the maximum dose, so I'm certainly not overindulging.

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