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Taking Photos/Videos During Concerts

I go to a lot of shows. I get that some younger people like to blog, text, and document every damn bowel movement they make, and that you have to deal with people whipping out their iPhones to document portions of the concert they are witnessing. I also get that the pictures and video will likely NEVER be watched with any kind of joy, because that's how it is when you try and tape a live show. But sometimes I go to shows and it's like a dozen fucking douchebags in front of me and beside me all trying to VLOG their way through the concert, and of course, the glow from the phones is always there, always moving around, always adjusting...while everyone behind them has to 'ignore it'. Then they all get home, and nobody gives a shit about their stupid little documentary. So, the whole thing is pointless. I keep thinking that most people would start to GET IT that it's pointless, but I'm afraid that's not the case. I was just at a MAZZY STAR concert. 15 years since they last performed, I've been so excited to see them since I heard they were doing a reunion tour. The security in the front gave a big lecture to everyone NOT to use their devices during the show, because the lead singer, Hope Sandoval, has been known to stop a performance when she sees it happen. I've actually seen her do it during one of her solo shows. But never mind, right? There's always the fucking dozen douchebags that have to stay connected to their devices, despite anything they've been told. Fuck Hope Sandoval, and Fuck the audience in the space around me, I think I'm gonna be a YouTube sensation. Is that it? THREE of us surrounding this one guy actually approached him and asked him to give it a rest...after a half hour or so of his non-stop media coverage. He patently refused to stop, and gave some lame excuse that he didn't think that his camera was 'that bright' so that it wouldn't be an issue. Then, again, we repeated, 'well, it's clearly an issue if three people are asking you to stop!' He took a break for about 5 minutes, and then started back up again. By the way, this guy was not some young hipster, he was a late 40s gay man. Anyone who's listened to Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval should's mellow, shoegazing, zone out, relaxing, romantic, chill, fucking smacked out trippy music. Meditative. But I get the impression that many people are so fucking glued to their gadgets they have lost all sense of manners. Thanks, I needed to vent.

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