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Death of our celebrities: When's America going to wake up?

Seriously, how many celebrities have to die before their time? If anything, celebrities are at the apex of health mostly because they can afford it. Sure, some take drugs, and shit, but I know horrific junkies who make it to old age without any resources at all. They survive in the streets for decades, yet, we're supposed to believe that celebrities just keel over and die in their prime? If not that, than the proverbial plane/helicopter crash or suicide. Now, of course, there are some authentic deaths here, but, there is no way that all of these young people died without the intervention of the sinister ptb. I include no one over 60, even tho I think Don Cornelius should be included . Richie Valens, 17 Anissa Jones, 18 (Buffy) Eddie Cochran, 21 Buddy Holly, 22 Sid Viscious, 22 Freddie Prinz, 22 Aaliyah, 22 Natalie Wood, 43 (died before relase of final film) River Phoenix, 23(died before relase of final film) Ian Curtis, 23 Selena, 23 James Dean, 24 (died before relase of final film) B.I.G., 24 Biggie Small 24 Brad Renfro, 25 Tupac Shakur, 25 (died before relase of final film) Frankie Lymon, 25 Sharon Tate, 26 Otis Redding, 26 Jean Harlow, 26 (died before relase of final film) Gram Parsons, 26 Amy Winehouse, 27 Kurt Cobain, 27 Jimi Hendrix, 27 Jim Morrison, 27 Janis Joplin, 27 Brian Jones, 27 Robert Johnson, 27 Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, 27 Brandon Lee, 28 (died before relase of final film) Heath Ledger, 28 (died before relase of final film) Hank Williams, 29 Sylvia Plath, 30 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, 30 Andy Gibb, 30 Jim Croce, 30 Bob Marley, 30 Jeff Buckley, 31 Keith Moon, 32 Ricky Wilson, 32 Cass Elliot, 32 Karen Carpenter, 32 Britney Murphy, 33 Jesus Christ, 33 John Belushi, 33 Chris Farley, 33 (died before relase of final film) Carol Lombarde, 33 Jayne Mansfield, 34 Bruce Lee, 34 (died before relase of final film) Ryan Dunn, 34 Dana Plato, 34 Charlie Parker, 35 Andy Kaufman, 35 Stevie Ray Vaughan, 35 Phil Hartman, 36 (died before relase of final film) Marilyn Monroe, 36 (died before relase of final film) Princess Di, 36 Bobby Darin, 37 Sal Mineo, 37 Jam Master Jay, 37 Lou Gehrig, 37 Florence Griffith Joyner, 38 Harry Chapin, 38 Sam Kinison, 38 Anna Nicole Smith, 39(died before relase of final film) Dennis Wilson, 39 MLK, 39 Malcolm X, 39 John Lennon, 40 John Lennon, 40 Jon Coltrane, 40 Nate Dogg, 41 RFK, 42 Gilda Radnor, 42 Elvis Presley, 42 Natalie Wood, 43 (died before relase of final film) Steve Irwin, 44 Marvin Gaye, 45 Freddie Mercury, 45 Ricky Nelson, 45 Montgomery Clift, 45 JFK, 46 Judy Garland, 47 Whitney Houston, 48 Michael Jackson, 50 Steve McQueen, 50 Kara Kennedy, 51 Steve Appleton, CEO and chairman of Micron Technology Inc., 51 John Ritter, 54 Michael Landon, 54 Steve Jobs, 56 Randy "Macho Man" Savage, 58 Patrick Swaze, 50+ Did I miss anyone?

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