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Yahoo frau with gay hubby

Ok, so to make a long story short, yes i knew my husband was bi before me met and it didnt bother me. But now as being together for several years i am starting to think he is just plain Gay. So im going to list all the reasons why i think, and PLEASE tell me whether you think that im just crazy and he is just plain bi, or wether his emotions have gone gay. 1. My instincts tell me he is just gay 2. We dont barely talk at all unless its about his male work buddies. 3. He begs me to do cocaine sometimes (yes its wrong blah blah) and then when on it turns into a TOTAL flamer..shows NO heterosexual ability. 4. He no longer in the last two years has had any interest in pleasuring me orally AT ALL. 5. He always wants a wam bam thank you mam sex. 6. He thinks im dumb for wanting to wear lingerie, or role play.. but then turns it around and says its because "i dont ever want to" which is crap because i know he just has NO INTEREST. 7. He always stares at hot guys on tv no matter WHAT IS going on, but if a commercial comes on he stares like a dog at a steak... 8. He never really looks at women but im thinking he is just respecting me.. 9. He has been caught with porn which he knows i dont like ... but NONE of it was ever two girls, or just a girl.. it was always boy girl or boy boy... 10. Whenever anyone talks about gay stuff wether on tv or in person he has PEAKED interest. 11. Sometimes i fake things like oh i went to the store and there were two gay guys practially making out int he isle.. and he will THEN want to listen to me like CRAZY,,, and ask questions and blah blah blah.. 12. Whenever i ask for 'sexual' things, he kind of acts like its a chore, or like he would rather die (no i am NOT fat or unattractive) we have spoke about it , and he wont give me an answer, its always "its not you ok!" 13. He is SOOO angry inside, he is sometimes physically and VERY emotionally abusive. He will even throw stuff over a simple tiny little argument.. its just he is SO unhappy and angry inside. 14. When i told him that his ex gay"friend" that they use to do "THINGS" with got a girlfriend he said "OMG IS SHE PRETTIER THAN YOU!! YOUR JEALOUS ARNT YOU!?!?" i was like "oooommmmggggggg..."in my head. knowing in my heart he wanted to cry that his friend didnt secretly love my husband. 15. We HAVE TO WATCH EVERY SINGLE leonardo movie there is !!! he is IN LOVE with him. 16. When i say i dont care if he is gay.. i have no problem with him even moving a gay lover int the house.. all he says is "Why just so you can screw the guy?!" and im like, no, he would be GAY. 17. When i tell him to just be honest with me and open up and i dont care even if he is GAY, he will freak out and scream and get so defensive about not being gay. 18. He would make comments like "ive just had a lot of women and im bored with it" and "if we ever divorced i would just move in with kevin. (His gay friend) ok, so thats 18 EXAMPLES, i can think of at the moment.. but im sure there are millions more.


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