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The Death of the Gay Porn Star

From Mike Branson to Robert Axel lying on a bed with grandpa Moses. Can you imagine Branson doing that? The Internet has killed porn "(where producers paying literally anyone $300 to get fucked in a moving bus)". Link NSFW (obviously) "Maybe I started to realize it during the spectacular rise and ridiculous fall of Jason Crystal, the gay-for-pay performer who adopted no less than a dozen aliases, at least three hair colors, and appeared on over twenty gay porn websites in less than one year, but if I ever had any doubt, this image (left) of Robert Axel and %E2%80%9CCoach Daddy%E2%80%9D is proof of something that a lot of us have been lamenting (or in my case%E2%80%93denying) since at least the start of this decade: Gay porn stars are dead. To be sure, I%E2%80%99ve used the term %E2%80%9Cgay porn star%E2%80%9D here in a lot of cases when I shouldn%E2%80%99t have, and I%E2%80%99ll no doubt continue to use it out of habit/laziness. But in some cases, it will be appropriate. There are exceptions. Those performers who have branded themselves and made a name for themselves not because they appeared on eight thousand websites but because of their consistent performances and their devoted fans and their undeniable physical appeal can call themselves stars (e.g., Brent Everett, Francois Sagat, Erik Rhodes); those performers who have anal sex with another man %E2%80%9Cfor the first time%E2%80%9D on an old couch on some set in the Valley can not. But it%E2%80%99s not the aspiring %E2%80%9Cstar%E2%80%9D who killed the Gay Porn Star. After all, everyone deserves a chance to work and to try to become famous, and there has never been anything wrong with being a newcomer. What did kill the gay porn star? A lot of things. It%E2%80%99s been the internet (illegal downloads, XTube) and the economy (producers paying literally anyone $300 to get fucked in a moving bus) that have helped the death of the gay porn star along. But at the same time, haven%E2%80%99t we helped, too? We get what we pay for. We keep the kind of porn that relies less on stars and more on niche content in business, don%E2%80%99t we? And at what point did we decide that certain types of men would be acceptable to masturbate to? Did our aesthetic change on its own, or did a collection of amateur porn producers gradually change it for us? Or, were we all just shallow before, masturbating to unrealistic and idealized versions of gay men, and over time we%E2%80%99ve become more accepting of and in turn stimulated by different body types%E2%80%93body types more like our own (which, in turn, makes us narcissists)? It%E2%80%99s been over saturation. It%E2%80%99s been quantity over quality. By the time a larger, non-amateur studio signs a popular model to an %E2%80%9Cexclusive%E2%80%9D contract, it%E2%80%99s as unremarkable as it is meaningless. For one, we%E2%80%99ve already seem him working for seven, eight, or thirteen other studios. He can now only work for one company, for six months? Big deal. And that%E2%80%99s assuming the contract is even honored or legitimate in the first place, which they often aren%E2%80%99t. Take Axel, for example, who one week was signed as an exclusive to Falcon Studios and the next week was signed as an exclusive to Cocksure Men. While everyone was writing press releases, Axel was simultaneously filming bareback scenes with senior citizens on amateur sites. Oops. Like Crystal and Axel, a lot of models have realized that they can make a lot of money (a lot of money for someone without formal job training or an education) in a short amount of time by filming for as many companies as they can, as fast as they can, before anyone catches on. In six months, a performer can film 50 scenes for 20 websites and maybe make $25,000, which is fine! There%E2%80%99s nothing wrong with that. But while these lightning round, assembly line style productions are great for well-hung grifters, they%E2%80%99re not going to cultivate any gay porn stars."

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