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What will it take to wake you up to the fact that our government is beyond corrupt?

And, I'm not talking, normal government corruption, such as a few individuals who take advantage of the system. I'm talking a major coup d'etat that I believe began in full force after Reagan's election, and is reaching its final goal right about now; hence, the reason they're so blatantly stamping all over our rights. It matters not who is president...the plan continues to unfold.%0D %0D Here's the thing. Their blue blood, status, power, well-groomed appearance, and wealth only serves to veil some of the most ruthless "human beings" on earth. Once you open your eyes, and know the ultimate agenda, everything makes perfect sense. From Reagan's welfare queen to the savings and loan crisis to the deregulating and bubble creating 90s and welfare reform to the ridiculous Bush admin to 9/11 to the to the Patriot Act to Iraq to the erosion of the middle-class and the collapse of our economy and the banksters/corp elite who not only walked away scott-free, but profited more than they ever have to the increasing wars, and excuses to go to war to... %0D %0D It's horrifying, yet, at the same time, even though I'm sure people will remain blind to what's going on, it has given me a sense of confidence I didn't have before. I'm not confused anymore.

No tinfoil required, just a brain
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