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Dan Savage meltdown

I admire what Savage has done with the "It Gets Better" project, but it's always been ironic because he's such a bully himself in real life. Finally Lindy West, one of the Stranger's writers, had had enough and called him out in public over his column comparing "fat marriage" to gay marriage ... which is either brave or stupid, considering how Savage reacts to any questioning of him, much less criticism. (And just when Dan's trying to get an HBO deal! Of all the bad timing.) Savage is in full-on flailing meltdown, defending himself, going back through his archives to post previous writings that he thinks prove his point and generally acting like a cilantro-sensitive Michfest Amazon. (And closing comments so no one can contradict him.) This goes on for thousands of words... [quote]And finally-for-real-finallyfinallyfinally... if you had written to me at my column seeking my advice about all of this (and I realize you didn't and I realize that now I'm the one pretending that I can read your thoughts%E2%80%94but, hey, you pretended you could read mine, so looks like we're even), here's what I would have to said after reading your letter: [bold]It sounds like you're externalizing an internal conflict about being fat%E2%80%94you're projecting your anger and self-loathing onto to me, and seeing malice and bigotry where none exists, and perhaps that's useful[/bold] because that anger seems to be liberating and motivating. If having your own personal boogeyman on Slog helps you conquer your shame and love your body and this helps you break out of old, self-destructive patterns and habits (you can't be losing weight now just because your attitude changed), then I'm happy to be your own personal boogeyman. But honestly, Lindy, you don't need one. You're stronger than that... Best passive-Savage line: "I'm not her boss. I could probably get her fired, I suppose, but I wouldn't try to do that, because she's brilliant and funny..."

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